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Photographic Images  = Best Quality Supply = Best Quality Reproduction

For the best print quality we recommend you supply all photographs and images at 300dpi at the size they are to be printed. Please supply images as either TIF, JPEG or EPS files and avoid files such as GIF, BITMAP and images taken from the Internet, as these formats are not high enough quality for printing. 

We are only able to reproduce your picture at the quality you provide ­ we cannot improve on the quality of your image.  Be aware that lower resolution images can look good quality on screen but may appear blurred when printed.


Logo's  = Best Quality Supply = Best Quality Reproduction

All logos supplied to DDP must ideally be supply as vector based graphics. Please supply as PDF,EPS, or AI files.

How to Supply Graphics Containing Text

Fonts are used in computers to create text. If our computer system does not have the same font as you the computer system interprets the font and displays its closest option. If you want your graphics to be reproduced as they should please ensure any artwork which contain fonts are converted to outlines. ie the type in the graphic is converted to a vector based graphic. Otherwise you will need to supply the font.

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