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Tailor Made Solutions
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Tailor Made Solutions

With shelf space at a premium companies are turning to cardboard point of sale displays (POS) as an efficient way of attracting consumers’ attention to improve sales. Highlighting the presence of your retail brands and knowing how to attract impulse purchases whilst opening up a whole range of marketing opportunities is key to retail brand success.

The DDP Workshop team realise the importance of influencing consumer behaviour at the point of purchase to improving sales success. It’s been proven in many retail research studies that attractive POS displays in the right locations can raise sales. Retail displays capitalise on location and instore visibility. Our aim is to create bespoke eye catching displays, combining structure and graphics to maximize the visual impact and customer engagement.

DDP offer a complete design and sampling service prior to manufacturing so you can approve the product prior to retail launches or exhibitions. Our displays can be found in stores such as Staples, Austin Reed, Sainsbury’s, Toys'r'us and many more.

Display Possibilities are endless with a whole range of POS design which we tailor to your needs for custom size, print and finish to suit the majority of display products. Some of the many cardboard POS displays are listed below but if you have something different in mind talk to one of our experienced design team – we thrive on display design, and delighting our customers. 

Cardboard floor standing POS

DVD point of sale display

Corrugated FSDU

Cardboard Floor Standing Display unit

Cardboard dump bin

Magazine counter display

Counter leaflet dispenser

Point of purchase corrugated display

POS cardboard Standee

Floor standing display unit

CD corrugated counter display

Book counter display

Floor standing display units (FSDU)

Corrugated floor standing display units provide secondary display locations or primary merchandising locations for many products.  Gaining retail space in controlled retail environments is key and DDP can assist you in achieving your brand success through merchandising. 

Counter top display (CDU). Counter displays are generally smaller than floor standing units holding less products but are strategically placed onto retail point of purchase counters attracting the attention of consumers when they pay for their goods driving consumer awareness and shopper attention and potential sales, whether impulse buying or planned. 

Promotional standee are lightweight cardboard displays used to communicate marketing messages promoting brands and products. We can provide and design displays to be various shapes, partially or fully screen printed or digitally printed displays to be perfect for the display to seel and attract potential consumer sales .

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