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Large Photo Pocket 3x4 Photo Board - Black Back
Code: ddppb028
Large Photo Pocket 3x4 Photo Board - Black Back

Large Photo Pocket 3x4 Photo Board - Black Back.  Presenting photographs of people in a people wall board is key for visitors.  Photoboards for staff, employees, and visitors help you present people in an engaging way. DDP provide many options to fit different requirements and budget photoboards.  This quality photoboard presents larger 3 inch x 4 inch images on a black back ground. See ddppb029 for a white backed version, or ddppb030 for a clear back version..Any of our photoboards can combine graphics as an option. Polished acrylic boards are wall mounted boards with satin silver wall mounts giving a quality professional presentation board.

  • Image Size : 3" x 4" Portrait
  • Organisation Pocket 300mm wide x 50mm high
  • Polished Acrylic Black Back Panel
  • Supplied with satin silver wall mounts
  • Quality
  • Branding an option - as example shown in picture
Code Title Size Unit Price Qty
ddppb028-10-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 10 505mm x 350mm high £74.49
ddppb028-15-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 15 505mm x 467mm high £89.00
ddppb028-20-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 20 505mm x 586mm high £102.49
ddppb028-25-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 25 505mm x 705mm high £109.00
ddppb028-30-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 30 505mm x 824mm high £115.90
ddppb028-35-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 35 505mm x 943mm high £129.00
ddppb028-40-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 40 781mm x 755mm high £138.35
ddppb028-45-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 45 873mm x 755mm high £145.83
ddppb028-50-02 Large Pocket Photoboard - Black - 50 965mm x 755mm high £154.30

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