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Types of Plastic Materials and their uses

Acetals : Natural to opaque white and strong

Acrylics : Transparent and as strong as wood

A.B.S : Natural opaque and very tough

Cellulose Acetate : Transparent material ranging from flexible to rigid, and tough.

Nylons : White or almost opaque and very tough

Polycarbonate : Transparent, tough and resilient. 

Polythenes : Natural waxy appearance which can be flexible and stiff, and tough.

Polystyrenes : Available in a transparent and brittle form, or natural translucent and tough. The former are general purpose Polystyrenes and the latter High Impact.

P.V.C : (Rigid) Transparent to opaque and tough, or (Plasticised) tough an flexible

S.A.N : Transparent and bittle


Typical Uses

Acetals : Gears and bearings, taps and aerosol valves

Acrylic : Lenses such as car light housings and reflectors

A.B.S : Telephone handsets

Cellulose Acetate : Frames of glasses

Nylons : Curtain runners and combs

Polycarbonate : Street lamp covers, riot shields, and safety helmets

Polythene : Kitchen ware and milk crates.

Polypropylene : Beer crates and spade handles

Polystyrene : Cosmetic packaging, cotton reels.

P.V.C : Gutters, drainpipes, shoe soles, table and picnic ware.


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