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Extruded or Cast Plastics

Extruded Plastic

Plastics or otherwise known as acrylic, perspex,plexiglas come in many forms.These include granular, powder,and sheet form with the latter being either cast or extruded. Granular forms of plastic are used in the process of injection moulding. Cast acrylic is where the granular form is heated to become liquid and cast into shape. This maybe a flat sheet or the same process can be used to create shapes.  

Extruded acrylic is where the heated molten plastic is forced through shapes at high pressure to create various sheet thicknesses of plastic. The same principal is also used to create metres of the same shape where the plastic is pressure forced through a profiled shape otherwise known as a Die. Once the shape is created the plastic is cooled to the point where the material holds its shape. An example of extruded plastics are the shelf edge label holders you would find on the front of each shelf in a supermarket which hold the product price and barcode information.


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