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Definitions and Terms of Display Making Techniques

Definitions and Terms of Display Making Techniques

Annealing : Heating of the extruded acrylic to toughen and relieve internal stresses in the material caused by the process of extrusion.This process is often used prior to the thermoforming process.

Crazing : A mesh of fine cracks can be seen particularly in transparent extruded plastics.Acrylics can often be affected in this way when chemicals are used to clean the acrylic.

CNC : A process where a drill bit attached to a moving robotic head turns at high speed to cut through material. Some machines are faster than others and use a different drill movement techniques to create smoother edges. Generally CNC'd edges need further finishing techniques if its the edge to be visible in the finished product.

Distortion : Badly shaped extrudate.

Flame Polishing : The edge of extruded or cast sheet acrylic is melted with a fine gas flame to take out marks in the cutting process and create a smoother edge. This process slightly rounds the edges.

Diamond Polishing : Sheet plastic is either manually move or drawn across a diamond polishing head to create a highly polished edge. This process creates square polished edges or can be used to create angles on the edge of the acrylic.

Gassing : This is an affect found in extrusions where air is trapped in the die causing marks and burns on the material.

Laser Cutting : This is a process where a laser beam is used to cut through the material. Laser cutting acrylic creates a reasonably smooth edge with a squared edge.This same process when used to laser cut wood creates a black edge which can look very creative.The same process can be used for other materials such as metal.

Mop Polishing : Mop polishing is a process where a polishing material often on a wheel attached to a drill is used with a fine cutting polishing compound is used in combination to run over the surface of the material. This process can created extremely highly polished acrylic surfaces.Like the flame polishing process of acrylic this creates rounded edges.

Sinking : Unwanted depressions on the surface of an extrusion.

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