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Bespoke Display Design Early Thought
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Bespoke Display Design Early Thought

Bespoke Displays.

Designing and supplying UK manufactured displays is the speciality of DDP Workshop Ltd.  


What does bespoke mean.  Well it's the creation of displays to full-fill a specific need for the most effective display solution to merchandise products in the best possible way to achieve the desired merchandising result.  


There are so many point of sale products on the market where companies have developed displays for particular products.  After the initial design development stage, and implementation for the product they were designed for, design and display companies then integrate the product displays into their standard pos product ranges.  


Dilution of Displays

The dilution of non specific displays sold to companies to display their products can become widespread as it's a quick off the shelf merchandising solution that also saves companies money in the development of specifics for their own brands. This may be fine for many brands that don't have the merchandising budget.  However it is not a good overall solution as correct merchandising is as important as advertising....

Why Advertising but not on Display Merchandising

Consider how much is spent on product advertising..multi millions.  The companies that market their brands properly are the ones at the top of the brand tree within their product categories.  This proper marketing should carry through the whole product lifespan.  From top line marketing through to in-store displays and into the customers basket, and onto the point at which the product is used or consumed.  Advertising is the method of informing customers of why they need products, in other words the trigger to remind customers to seek out and purchase product when in store.  This messaging should be carried through with in-store marketing, and the only way to do this properly is with bespoke merchandising solutions or as some would call them tailor made displays.


There are 3 main areas to consider for successful brands and that is Advertising, Innovation, and Merchandising. Strategies of the most successful brands includes merchandising.


Ensuring the brands success in-store not only needs consideration of messaging and how to promote the brand through image, but must include properly executed display solutions


There are views that suggest the display is in place to display the product not the display.  This is certainly the way that many products are merchandised, however we must consider the brand messaging, or general brand image when looking at merchandising. There however is also the view that the more eye catching display stands are the more effective display it may be at attracting potential customers to it.  There is a place for both type of display.  However we firmly believe the more attractive the display the more the store staff may take ownership of it, as they are proud to have such an eye catching display stand in their retail environment. The author remembers clearly a display stand that was designed by Wrigley's for a promotion period in Asda.  The product promotional period was 6 weeks.  However the promotional display was so attractive that the feedback was that store staff not only put the display in a better in store location than was originally agreed, but the store managers wanted to keep the display in-situ longer within their retail environment to continue to push and sell the product from to boost the sub category and overall category sales. 


Ownership by the retail staff is enhanced if the display not only looks great, but merchandises the products brilliantly for both the shopper to find easily and quickly and the store staff to merchandise and restock easily and efficiently.  Time is both an important factor for store staff and the customer. Store staff have very little time allocated to them to properly merchandise the categories they look after.  Therefore if its a great looking display stand quickly and easily it lessons their burden and therefore will enhance their pleasure at looking after the retail display stand.  It is also a known and very well researched point that customers spend very little time making their purchase decision.  Often only a few seconds makes the difference between attracting customers or losing the attention of a potential customer.  If the product is properly considered and display designed for in store merchandising with the shopper in mind, the success rate of retail product pick up is far more likely to be higher. Display design and proper display merchandising with the retail store staff and customer in mind is so important if you want your product to be a success.


DDP Workshop Design Solutions

As you may have gathered the staff at DDP Workshop have alot of experience and knowledge of merchandising and are passionate about retail display design. We will continue to post other blogs on the site for your absorption, and consideration around the subject of bespoke merchandising display solutions.



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