Boat Windows

Boat Windows

DDP Workshop provide replacement Boat Windows, Hatch Windows, Deck Hatch and Marine Windows in clear, solid or tinted Perspex.  Our service can be cost a effective solution with our inhouse manufacturing. 

Our clear acrylic boat and hatch windows (Perspex, Acryglas etc) can be a fraction of the cost compared to glass and 10 times stronger.

We also provide plastic boat window in polycarbonate or high impact polystyrene as required.

Acrylic is up to 10 times stronger than glass and if properly maintained will provide many years of use.

Clear Perspex® Acrylic sheeting also provides up to 92% light transmission which is higher than most types of glass.

Clear polycarbonate sheeting which is 200 times stronger than glass is an ultra-tough, versatile material with a wide range of possible uses from riot shields to external panels. This superior strong material can be purchased in varying thicknesses to provide further levels of insulating for your boat window plastic.

Acrylic boat windows are UV and weather-resistant, as well as being resistant to prolonged exposure to sunlight unlike polycarbonate which goes milky over time. In addition, acrylic is resistant to most chemicals and has a low moisture absorption rate perfect for outdoor applications.

Cutting and shaping

We can cnc router, laser cut and use other in-house facilities to shape boat windows. We can bend small radius where required.  If your windows have a gentle curve, depending on the thickness the Perspex can flex to accommodate the curve. We don’t provide larger curved forming in house.

Maintenance. Our boat window plastics are easy to clean with just warm soapy water and a microfibre cloth


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