Collection Boxes

DDP Workshop design and supply many standard displays.If you dont find what your looking for then phone or email the ddp team and we can provide you with display solutions tailored to fit your requirements without the design costs normally associated with tailor made displays. DDP have a range of collection box displays both for indoor collection display purposes and outdoor collection box display purposes.Whether you are looking for an acrylic collection box, ballot box, fundraising box or other we can supply these.We also provide collection box displays in metal.

DDP provide Charity Boxes.  Fundraising is key for Non-Profit Organizations who are constantly looking for new

strategies to attract donations.  DDP design and provide a range of donation containers or donation boxes which help catch the attention and inspire people to donate. Whether acrylic, foamex, wood, or metal we can provide your charitable organisation with displays.

Donation boxes can also be combined with other information stands as driving engagement is the key to encouraging donations from the public, customers and visitors. DDP can design collection boxes that combine leaflet displays, poster displays, display cabinets, and display showcases, as well as to fulfil other display requirements.

We show a few options here and of course we can provide tailor made solutions to fit your requirements. Whether floor standing collection boxes, table top, or counter top donation boxes, wall mounted or to fit other special charity needs, ddp can provide your lockable donation containers to meet your individual requirements and maximize your fundraising efforts.


Desktop Triple Token Collect Box
Desktop Triple Token Collect Box

from £135.00 ex. vat

Outdoor Collection Box
Outdoor Collection Box

from £280.00 ex. vat

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